TEAM Meetings

Purpose of the Special Education Team Meetings.

The Special Education Team meeting process is designed to bring together parents, teachers, and specialists to review the data gathered in the evaluation process and determine if a '0 student is eligible for special education services or not. If a child is found eligible for special education services the Team develops an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) for the student.

Special Education Team Membership

The Team consists of the following members:

·        the student's parent(s)

·        at least one regular education teacher who has taught the student

·        at least one special education teacher familiar with the student

·        a representative of the District who has the authority to commit resources (i.e. Director of
Student Services, Principals, and Team Chairpersons)

·        Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and other
specialist to interpret evaluation reports

·        other individuals(s) who have knowledge or expertise regarding the student

·        if appropriate, the student

A Special Education Team meeting is chaired by the Team Chairperson or a special education teacher who is assigned as a liaison to the student. The person chairing the meeting ensures that everyone receives copies of evaluations and progress reports before the meeting. Participants are expected to review all relevant materials before the meeting.

Team meetings are used as a communication vehicle.

During an IEP meeting, Team members share information and discuss the needs of the student in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the student. The discussion connects one IEP element to the next and ensures internal consistency within the produced document.

A Team meeting works best if:

·        The meeting remains focused on the student

·        Its members are knowledgeable about the District, special education law, and the student

·        Parents are respected participants, giving and receiving information 

Parents and/or students give input into IEP development.

Parent and/or student input become the first indicator for defining the IEP focus. The placement of this item as the first order of business is deliberate and in keeping with the importance given to parent input in IDEA-2004. The parent's perspective is unique and important to the Team's work as they have a view of the student that cannot be duplicated by even experienced evaluators. 

Taping Team meetings is allowed.

The regulations stipulate that parents can tape Team meetings if it is necessary for them to participate (e.g. if they are disabled and can't write). There are other times that parents feel the need to tape their child's Team meeting. The District allows all parents the right to tape as long as they mention it at the beginning of the meeting. When a parent is taping a meeting, the District can do so as well