Types of Meetings

We typically have three type of meetings:

General Meetings:

These meetings are Public Open Meetings and have the DRSEPAC board vote on necessary actions items.

Our meetings are open to ALL!

The input from parents, administrators, faculty, paraprofessionals, and
community members on the Special Education process is important to us.
We are a solution orientated group and no one will be badgered. We know
that successful collaborative efforts grow out of shared goals and are
maintained by strong communication and positive outcomes.

Board - Administration Meetings

The DRSEPAC Board members try to meet with district personnel once a
month. This it typically with the Superintendent and the Director of Special Education. This meeting format gives the DRSPEAC (and you parents) direct
access to voice positives and negatives within the DRRSD special education

All meeting dates and location are posted on the Home Page.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!